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Date Location Type
6/23/2017 1st Baptist Church, 7th St. Bully Mix
6/16/2017 Andover Way NE Lab Mix
6/15/2017 3rd Ave. NE Heeler/Pointer Mix
6/8/2017 Dennis St. Chihuahua/MinPin
6/7/2017 Goodlet Ave SW Yellow Lab
5/31/2017 Eagle Point Apartments Siberian Husky
5/25/2017 Ladiga Hills Apartments Labrador Retriever
5/22/2017 Walmart/Murphy Gas Station RETURNED HOME 6/2/2017! Basset Mix
5/19/2017 Francis & Elm Dachsund
4/27/2017 Germania Springs Dachsund Mix
4/25/2017 9th Avenue NE RETURNED HOME 4/26/2017!  Lab/Terrier Mix
3/31/2017 Quill Avenue Senior Jack Russel Terrier
3/30/2017 Gardner St SE Hound Mix
3/30/2017 Francis St Area Lab/Terrier Mix
3/29/2017 Pelham Rd S/CVS Medium Lab Mix
3/29/2017 Pelham Rd S/Co-Op RETURNED HOME 3/30/2017!Lab/Chow Mix
3/23/2017 George Douthit Pitbull Mom & Pup
3/21/2017 Francis St. American Bulldog Mix
3/4/2017 Carolina Dr/JSU Track Shepherd Mix
3/1/2017 Carson Lane Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
2/28/2017 State Trooper Office RETURNED HOME 3/1/2017!Pit Bull
2/24/2017 Jacksonville Christian Academy Rat Terrier
2/16/2017 White's Gap  Pit Bull Puppy
2/9/2017 Alexandria Rd RETURNED HOME 2/15/2017! Terrier Mix  
2/9/2017 Gadsden Rd NW Boxer Hound Mix 
1/27/2017 White's Gap Estates Friendly Pit Bull
1/27/2017 White's Gap Estates/Jones St. SENT TO WISCONSIN RESCUE 2/13/2017! Great Pyrenees
1/26/2017 JSU 6-8 week old Shephard/Collie Mix
1/25/2017 Gamecock Village Apts. Black and White Domestic Short Hair Cat
1/24/2017 9th Ave & Dogwood SENT TO WISCONSIN RESCUE 2/13/2017! Australian Cattle Dog
1/20/2017 Walmart Parking Lot Tan & White Terrier Mix
1/19/2017 D Street RETURNED HOME 1/19/2017! Chocolate Lab
1/4/2017 Stoney Brook Burnt Orange & White Beagle Mix
12/29/2016 Stoney Brook Solid Black Lab
12/29/2016 Stoney Brook Black & Tan Terrier Mix
12/21/2016 Vann St. SE Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
12/19/2016 JSU Tan Male Dog Found
12/19/2016 On-Sit Solutions Brindle Male Dog 
12/12/2016 Effina's Young male Gray Kitten 
11/19/2016 Roma's/JPD RETURNED HOME 11/28/2016! Corgi Mix
11/17/2016 A Street Young male Dog Blonde w/ brindle markings, white on chest and toes


Taken to Calhoun County Humane Society 1201 Parkwood Dr, Anniston, AL 36201.  Contact: 256-239-4329

Jacksonville Animal Control Office Number: 256-435-3582