650 Mountain Street, NW
Jacksonville, Alabama 36265
(256) 435-9695

"Enrolled, An Act,
     Relating to the City of Jacksonville in Calhoun County; providing for a civil service system governing the appointment, removal, salaries, tenure, and official conduct of employees of the city; defining violations of the act; imposing penalties for violations; and repealing conflicting laws."

When It Meets 

The Civil Service Board meets regularly at 5:00 p.m. on the first Monday of every month.   

Board Members
The City Civil Service Board consists of five (5) members appointed by the senator and representative representing Jacksonville.  The members serve a six (6) year term.  Vacancies occurring during a term shall be filled for the balance of the term by the senator and representative in the same manner as original appointments.  The Board elects, from its own members, a chair, a vice-chair and a secretary.

Current Members:

Mike Abrams, Chairman
Pat Borstorff, Vice Chairman
Lynn Causey
June Shirey

​Employment Notices
Available positions with the City are announced through the Civil Service Board.  Click here for the latest job notices.