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Permanent Job Postings
Submit your applications (link below) to the Civil Service Office between
8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  
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Part-Time Firefighter/EMT PT Firefighter/EMT Description Jacksonville Fire Department Website
Part-Time Firefighter/Paramedic PT Firefighter/Paramedic Description  
Firefighter Firefighter Description  
Firefighter/EMT  Firefighter/EMT Description  
Firefighter/Paramedic Firefighter/Paramedic Description  
Police Officer Police Officer Description Physical Fitness Information
PSCO  PSCO Desciption Note:  PSCO stands for Public Safety Communications Officer
Current Job Openings: Check Back Soon! 

Job Notices

Job Descriptions

Additional Information



For civil service positions (listed above) or questions, please contact the Jacksonville Civil Service Board at 256-435-9695.  Please submit all civil service applications to the following address:

Civil Service Board
650 Mountain Street, NW
Jacksonville, AL  36265


The City of Jacksonville and the Water Works, Gas & Sewer Board periodically employs temporary and full-time, regular laborers in non-civil service positions.  To apply for one of these positions, please complete the following application and mail to the appropriate address:

(*Do not use this application for any civil service position listed at the top of this page.)

Attn:  Human Resources
City of Jacksonville
320 Church Avenue, SE
Jacksonville, AL  36265

Attn:  Human Resources
Water Works, Gas & Sewer Board
330 Church Avenue, SE
Jacksonville, AL  36265