City Employee Spotlight for November - PARD Maintenance Crew
November 1, 2017
Working together as a team is what makes the PARD maintenance crew so special. “There is never a dull moment around here that’s for sure,” says PARD director Janis Burns. Their shop appears more like a Santa’s workshop than a maintenance shop... Read More...
City Employee Spotlight for October - Library Specialist Christy Wallace
October 2, 2017
A public library is much more than a place to just come and check out books. Just ask Library Specialist Christy Wallace. We have all kinds of programs and entertainment for the young and old,” says Wallace. “Certainly folks still come in to chec... Read More...
City Employee Spotlight for September - Assistant Fire Chief Keith Kadle
September 5, 2017
Firefighting is such a noble profession. With just the sound of a siren you know you are about to put your life on the line to make someone else’s better. This is a satisfaction that few get the pleasure of experiencing. Assistant Fire Chief Ke... Read More...
City Employee Spotlight for August - JPD Corporal Trey Bishop
August 2, 2017
Howard Harris Bishop III (Trey), 38, has always loved being part of a team. Playing sports in high school taught him it takes teamwork to make things happen, reach your goals, and become successful. He feels like he is part of a great team at Jackson... Read More...
City Employee Spotlight for July - Ed "Doc" Canady
July 6, 2017
To say Ed “Doc” Canady wears many hats is a huge understatement. Canady is the Recreation and Athletics Coordinator for the City of Jacksonville’s Parks and Recreation Department and has held that position since 2006. He lives up to the motto o... Read More...
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