City Employee Spotlight for August - JPD Corporal Trey Bishop

August 2, 2017

Officer Trey Bishop - City Spotlight for August

   Howard Harris Bishop III (Trey), 38, has always loved being part of a team. Playing sports in high school taught him it takes teamwork to make things happen, reach your goals, and become successful. He feels like he is part of a great team at Jacksonville Police Department working together to make sure the citizens of his community are protected and feel safe. He enjoys giving back to the community in which he was raised and is passionate about helping others. 

    “Trey Bishop is a hometown Jacksonville boy”, says Jacksonville Police Chief Tommy Thompson.  “He was first hired at the Jacksonville Police Department in June of 2006. In June 2014, he was promoted to Police Corporal. He currently is second in command of day shift patrol. Trey is an outgoing officer that never meets a stranger, and is a good asset for dealing with people and their problems.”

    Trey is a 1997 graduate of Jacksonville High School. There he had mentors that he felt helped mold his career to be successful. “Harold Lipscomb and Ricky Whaley had a saying ‘Just do Right’, “said Bishop. That saying has stuck with me all these years. I’ve tried to live my life by those words.” He attended Jacksonville State University and studied EMT classes at Gadsden State Community College which lead him to do volunteer work with Jacksonville Fire Department. It was there where he got his calling to be a police officer. He would do ride-a-longs with the police and he realized that is what he wanted to do. He got a lot of satisfaction in helping others. He tells a story of once assisting a medic in helping a little boy on a bicycle who had been hit by a car. “The child was pretty banged up,” says Bishop. “I rode in the ambulance with the boy to the hospital helping with procedures needed. When the child recovered from his injuries, he came to visit those of us that helped save his life, giving hugs and thanks. It was that moment that I knew I wanted to serve others,” said Bishop. “The fact that I may have made a positive difference in that little boy’s life was very rewarding.”

   Bishop is married to wife Jessica who works as a Patient Care Tech at RMC in Anniston. They have two sons, Bryant, 7, and Brodie, 5. He coaches PARD sports, loves fishing, hiking, and outdoor activities. He’s a family man who enjoys spending his free time with his family. They attend Covenant Life Ministries in Alexandria.

   When asked how he feels about being a policeman in the town he grew up in he informs, “it’s great, but there is a downside. It’s good because you know everyone,” says Bishop. However, it is hard when someone you know breaks the law. I can’t let my feelings for that person get in the way of my job.”

    Law enforcement has gotten a lot of national media attention recently. When Bishop was asked if he would want either of his children to follow in his footsteps and become a police officer he replied, “that is a hard question. Part of me would say no because of all the stresses put on us, but if it is a higher calling for them to do it, I will definitely support them. It is a very honorable profession. This is where God put me and I plan on retiring here.”

   After retirement, Bishop plans on pursuing his business, Southern Hospitality Limousine,

a business that he and his wife have recently opened.  They have plans on expanding and taking transportation services to the next level. Trey shares that all his drivers are police officers. It’s that extra step of helping our customers feel safe. Thank you, Trey, for your dedication to serve and protect your community.