City Employee Spotlight for August - Michael Rinker

August 17, 2018
Michael Rinker named City Spotlight for August

 City Utility Supervisor Michael Rinker is a self-proclaimed number cruncher. “I am a finance major, so I love working with numbers and figures,” says Rinker.  Rinker wears many hats at the City of Jacksonville. He is supervisor over the Water and Gas Office, handles customer service, accounting, human resources and assists with the maintenance, and water/wastewater plant. According to Mayor Johnny Smith, “Michael does a good job as Office Manager of the Jacksonville Water Works, Gas and Sewer Board (WWG&SB).  Not only does he supervise the staff in the office, he works hard to ensure water, gas and sewer customers of Jacksonville receive good service at the best possible price.  He handles the delicate responsibilities of interacting with customers, Council Members and WWG&SB Members with tact and a positive attitude.  His concern for the citizens, as well as his dedication as an employee, is very much appreciated by citizens and administration alike.  I have worked with Michael for many years; he takes the good with the bad, and at the same time continues to be a servant.”
 Rinker is a Florida native but relocated to the Saks area with his mom and sister in 1974. He graduated from Saks High School in 1988. He then attended Jacksonville State University on a scholarship and graduated at the top of his class with a degree in finance in 1992. He worked for a manufacturing company in Anniston for a few years and then joined the City of Jacksonville in 1997 as the City Utility Supervisor. He still holds that position. He has worked with three mayors, George Douthit, Jerry Smith and now Johnny Smith. “I love the diversity of my job and the people I work with,” says Rinker. “Every day is different, that makes my job fun. We face new situations every day that require us to put our heads together and figure it out. My co-workers and I work well together. I have made many lasting friendships here over the years. We have our regulars that still come in every month and pay their bills.” Rinker goes on to say,” The city is really good about allowing professional development. They send us to different trainings, where we learn new things, networking and meet people in similar fields and see how they handle problems and different situations.”
  Rinker is single and still resides in Saks. “Being single allowed me to take care of my mom, Glenda Crow, who was ill with cancer for 12 years,” says Rinker. “She passed away in 2016, I am so thankful that I was able to help her out.” Rinker has a sister who lives in Weaver and one nephew.
  When not at work, Rinker enjoys spending time working in his yard and traveling. “I find that working in my yard is very therapeutic, “says Rinker. He is active in his church, Edgewood Congregational Methodist Church in Anniston, where he teaches the elementary Sunday School class.
  When asked about future plans, Rinker says, “I plan on building a house in a couple of years and do more traveling. I visited friends in England last year and I really enjoyed that.”
  Thank you, Michael Rinker, for your hard work and dedication to the City of Jacksonville.

Photo & Story by Anita Kilgore