City Employee Spotlight for January - Joy Seijo

January 14, 2019

Joy Seijo is the City Spotlight for January

   Having a kind heart and a desire for helping people is what makes Joy Seijo a perfect Human Resource Specialist for the City of Jacksonville. “I just love helping our employees understand all aspects of their employment with the city,” said Seijo. Occasionally in the past, she would run across an employee that couldn’t read. Siejo would then read the form to them and have them sign it. “I would never want someone to be uncomfortable or feel embarrassed because they don’t understand the paperwork,” states Seijo.  “I could just see a sigh of relief on their faces when I would explain it to them.” This is just one example of her compassionate nature.
   Before coming to the city, Seijo has worked as the Financial Aid Director at New World College, and has held various clerical positions through the years including nine years at Jacksonville State University. She has been the Human Resource Specialist for the City of Jacksonville since 2009. Her initial job duties include the “in” processing and “out” processing of employees, maintaining personnel files, handling insurance open enrollment periods, yearly health fairs, anything that has to do with the employees for the city.
    Seijo grew up in Saks and graduated from Saks High School in 1979. She then attended Jacksonville State University. She is the daughter of Jimmy and Jeanette Higgins. She has three children: Amy Daley, Jennifer Reaves-Pickers, and Jake Reaves. She has been blessed with three grandchildren: Madison, Bella, and John Patrick. She loves spending time them; although, it is not as much as she would like because they now live in Wisconsin. “I miss being able to attend their sporting events,” says Seijo. “Family is everything to me.” She is married to Daniel Seijo, a retired Anniston police officer, who now works in security at the Anniston Army Depot. He has one daughter, Jordan. Daniel and Joy reside in Weaver and attend Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Weaver. “I love my church,” explains Seijo. When asked about her hobbies she said, “I really enjoy working in the yard, but kayaking is my passion. I just love being on the water,” states Seijo. She also enjoys traveling, decorating, and doing arts and crafts. Seijo helps take care of her elderly parents who are 88 years old.  I feel so fortunate to still have them in my life,” says Seijo.
   According to Mayor Johnny Smith, “Joy does a good job as the City’s Human Resource Specialist.  She truly cares about the city’s employees and works hard for them.  She treats city employees in a manner that makes them feel comfortable discussing concerns with her.  Joy is an asset to the City of Jacksonville.”
  Seijo says she loves her job and her fellow employees. “I can’t imagine me doing anything else,” explains Seijo. “I am so thankful for the opportunities the City of Jacksonville has given me. I am a people person. No matter what I’m doing I just like people. When asked about future plans, Seijo said, “Just stay outside as much as I can, travel, and see the world. Daniel has a Harley and I would love for us to just get on the bike and explore, and I would also like to be more involved in my church.”
   Thank you, Joy Seijo, for your compassion and service to the City of Jacksonville.
Photo & Story by Anita Kilgore