City Employee Spotlight for December – Clyde Shew

Clyde Shew is the City Spotlight for December
Not everyone you ask says that they love getting up every morning and coming in to work. Clyde Shew the Utility Maintenance Leader for the City of Jacksonville is an exception. He says, “I absolutely love my job! It is the best one I’ve ever had. Growing up in the construction industry hanging and finishing sheetrock, I never had insurance or any of the benefits that I have now. The City of Jacksonville has been good to me. My boss, Chris Patterson, is a good Christian man and is a great person to work with. He pretty much lets me handle the maintenance department, and I know he is a ‘right by the book’ guy. He expects communication and respect and I like that.”

Shew was at first hired as a temporary for about a year, and then was employed as a Utility Maintenance Assistant on October 20, 1997. He has been employed with the City of Jacksonville ever since. He is now the Utility Maintenance Leader, a position he has held roughly two years. His responsibilities include planning and prioritizing the day to day scheduling of things that need to be fixed, coordinating who is going where to fix it, and how it’s going to be fixed. “I would get in the ditch with the guys if I still could,” says Shew. “I had an accident with my knee a couple of years ago that limits me from doing much of that, but I still have a pair of boots in my truck so if it’s something I can do, I’m in.”

Shew is the son of the late Clyde and Marie Shew. He was born in Birmingham but relocated to the Websters Chapel area when he was about 12 years old. He graduated from Alexandria High School in 1978. He has been married to wife Charlene for 37 years and they have one daughter, Kendra. She has blessed them with a grandson, Collin, 9. “My daughter is my very best friend,” says Shew. “She is a cake decorator at Publix; a job she really enjoys.” Wife Charlene is enjoying retirement. She retired from Walmart then Honda a few years ago. Shew’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, and hanging out with family. “I enjoy taking that grandson of mine fishing with me,” says Shew. “Although I think he likes playing in the boat more than actually fishing. He’s into baseball right now.”

According to supervisor Chris Patterson, “Clyde is a dedicated worker for our utility department. He sets a good example for employees by doing the small things right, like being to work on time and answering his phone at all hours of the night to help on any situation that arises in our department. It is my belief that if you do the small things right it can pay off in big ways. He has a really good knowledge of all aspects of utility distribution repairs, which is very helpful to our department. I am very thankful to have Clyde Shew on our team.”

When asked about the most enjoyable part of his job Shew explained, “I love it all,” says Shew. “It tickles me when I can help the guys figure out how to fix something.”

Shew has no retirement plans. “I’m not going anywhere, as long as they let me, I will be here,” says Shew. “I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”
As for being chosen for the December spotlight, Shew replied, “I don’t feel like I should have been the one recognized, it’s all the people I work with, including Ms Kerri Harrelson, that make my job possible! I would be nothing without them.”

Thank you, Clyde, for your hard work and dedication over the years for the City of Jacksonville.

Picture and article by Anita Kilgore.