PARD Parks and Outdoor Facilities


Germania Springs Dog Park

located right off of Hwy 21 North beside Federal Mogul

Germania Springs

Frog Town Disc Golf Course (9 holes)

located at the Jacksonville Community Center

Disc Golf

Germania Springs Park 

located right off of Hwy 21 North beside Federal Mogul

Park Facilities

Henry Farms Walking and Exercise Trail 

located behind RMC Jacksonville on Henry Rd
Kiwanis Walking Trail

Frog Town Soccer Complex

located behind the Jacksonville Community Center

Frogtown Soccer Complex

Henry Farms Softball Complex

located behind RMC Jacksonville on Henry Rd

Henry Farms Biking Trail

located behind RMC Jacksonville on Henry Rd

Germania Springs Baseball Complex

located right off Hwy 21 North beside Federal Mogul

Pocket Park

Corner of Ladiga and Church St. SE behind east side of The Square

City Park

skateboard park, practice fields & outdoor basketball courts
located on Coffee street/A street

Chief Ladiga Trail


33 miles through Calhoun and Cleburne counties and connects the cities of Anniston, Weaver, Jacksonville, and Piedmont to the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia


*Spurs from the trail connect to local points of interest such as the Jacksonville Community Center, Frog Town Soccer and Disc Golf Complex, Henry Farms Complex, and Germania Springs Complex. It will soon connect to City Park with the completion of the Greenway.


Chief Ladiga Trail Rules:

The following rules and regulations shall apply to the use of the Chief Ladiga Trail as it lies within the city limits and
police jurisdiction of the City of Jacksonville, Alabama:

1.  The “Trail” may be utilized only during daylight hours.
2.  No motorized vehicles shall be permitted on the “Trail” at any time.  Exception:  Maintenance and Emergency and Patrol Vehicles.

3.  All users must give an audible warning before passing other users travelling in the same direction.  Always pass to the left of the users being overtaken.

4.  All pets must be kept on leash and under control at all times.

5.  Owners must clean up after pets.

6.  Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in any form are prohibited.

7.  Racing and excessive speeding are prohibited.

8.  Approved safety helmets are required for all bike riders and skaters.

9.  Users are required to stop at all street crossings and proceed with extreme caution.  Obey all signs along the length of the “Trail”.

10.  Slow at all bridge crossings and use extreme caution.

11.  Climbing on bridges and railings is prohibited.

12.  No littering.  Use waste receptacles provided.

13.  Users must keep to the right when meeting oncoming users.

14.  Walkers and/or runners using “Trail” have right-of-way over bike and skate users.

15.  Equestrian use of the “Trail” is prohibited.
16.  Use “Trail” at your own risk.  The City of Jacksonville assumes  no liability for accidents or other acts which may occur on this “Trail”.   (Section 35-15-1 through 35-15-5 Code of Alabama, 1975).