Susan Patterson

Susan Patterson is Kitty Stone Elementary 2019 Teacher of the Year

Susan Patterson is Kitty Stone Elementary “2019 Teacher of the Year”
It is no surprise that Susan Patterson has been honored as Kitty Stone Elementary 2019 “Teacher of the Year”. She brings out the best in young minds every day influencing them to reach their full potential. She is always going the extra mile making herself available for her students. Patterson is loved by her students, peers, and parents alike. She believes that teaching is a calling. “You have to love these kids, or you are going to be miserable,” says Patterson. “Every day is not a great day as it can be very challenging some days, but most days are great. I absolutely love watching my students interacting with each other and also with me. I enjoy being available to them if they have a problem or just want to talk about something.” “Mrs. Susan Patterson represents the best in all educators. She is compassionate toward her students and passionate about the subject she teaches. Mrs. Patterson is respected by her Kitty Stone faculty and staff as well as those in our entire school system. Over the years she has built positive and lasting relationships with her students and their families. She is loved by our community and is the type of person a parent would want as their child’s teacher. I am fortunate to work with her each and every day,” stated Erika Clark, principal, grades 4-6. Patterson graduated from Jacksonville High School in 1988. She is a third-generation graduate and her children are fourth generation graduates from this school system. She earned her undergraduate degree in elementary education and then masters at Jacksonville State University graduating in 1994. Her entire teaching career has been at Kitty Stone Elementary, except for a year as a teacher’s aide at Saks Middle School. Her first two years at KSES she taught fourth grade, then transitioned to sixth grade, where she is currently teaching. She and her husband, Lee, have three children. He is a Calhoun County Commissioner. Their daughter Morgan is married to Tyler Thomas and they live in Carrollton, Georgia. She teaches ninth grade literature at South Paulding County High School. Mallory recently graduated from JSU with a Marketing degree and currently works at Dillard’s. Their son Ben is a student at Gadsden State Ayers Technical College where he is pursuing his electrical certification, and he is also working on getting his plumbing certification. Patterson lives for her family and students. When not in the classroom, she enjoys playing the piano. “Music is my passion,” says Patterson. “If I have a moment when I get off work, I love to sit down and play. It is my release from the day.” Patterson plays the piano and sings in the choir at Jacksonville First Baptist Church. She originally wanted to major in music but changed it because of job availability. “I am honored and humbled to have been chosen as the ‘Teacher of the Year’ at KSE by my colleagues,” said Patterson. “There are so many great teachers here. I guess it’s every teacher’s dream to be ‘Teacher of the Year’. I tell my students once I have them they are always mine. I love seeing former students; they run up to me and give me a hug. It’s very rewarding knowing that I have made a difference in their life. This award wouldn’t be possible without the support I receive from my administration and staff here at Kitty Stone.” Patterson is certainly a favorite among her students. Student Sarah Sloughfy says, “Mrs. Patterson is such a fun-loving, engaging, interesting teacher! Just in this past year I have learned so much more about history than I’ve ever known. Everyday walking into her class it is a surprise on what we will do that day. What we are required to learn wouldn’t even matter, since Mrs. Patterson is always putting humor, questions, and fun facts into the discussions we do. She can even make the most bored of kids ask questions, answer questions, and pay attention!” Another student, Rickey Jennnings stated, “Mrs. Patterson is such a wonderful teacher because she goes into such perfect details on what we are learning. She also shows us pictures and videos on what we are learning. I love the way she teaches us the material, and the way she gives us notes, maps, and vocabulary to study. She gives us just right amount of time between tests. She is SO amazing.” Congratulations, Susan Patterson, for your achievements in earning “2019 Teacher of the Year”. Our community is very lucky to have you teaching our youth.
Photo and Story by Anita Kilgore