There are many reasons why Jacksonville, Alabama, is great, here are a few…

  • Location- We’re located near Interstate 20, halfway between Atlanta and Birmingham.
  • Transportation system– I-20 runs through our county, as do other major state and federal highways. We also are home to a regional airport with an over 7,000 foot runway and a rail network.
  • Low Cost of Living- Jacksonville and the state of Alabama are one of the lowest taxed in the country, providing a very positive business environment.
  • Recreational Opportunities- Living here you and your employees will find abundant access to high quality recreation including Cheaha State Park (the highest peak in Alabama), Talladega Superspeedway, the Chief Ladiga Trail which is a cycling/running trail that extends from Jacksonville to Atlanta, two world class museums, numerous private and public golf courses, and multiple city, county, state, and federal parks all right here.
  • Abundant Natural Resources- Our area is home to a vast supply of forests products, minerals, and a tremendous excess capacity of water and clean air.
  • Low Energy Cost- Our state is home to some of the lowest electricity rates in the entire country.
  • Quality Education Systems– Our county incudes several public school systems and a number of private schools. Among these are schools who have been ranked as some of the best in the country. We are also home to a community college and a doctoral level university. 
  • Great Sites- The IDB can provide sites ranging from 2 to 200 acres. The sites range from rural settings to a traditional industrial park. 
  • Quality Healthcare- We are home to Jacksonville Health & Rehabilitation (Nursing Home) and two assisted living facilities.