City Employee Spotlight for August - Michael Rinker
August 17, 2018
City Utility Supervisor Michael Rinker is a self-proclaimed number cruncher. “I am a finance major, so I love working with numbers and figures,” says Rinker. Rinker wears many hats at the City of Jacksonville. He is supervisor over the Water and... Read More...
City Employee Spotlight for July - Cephus Cannon
July 16, 2018
If you ask Cephus Cannon, 59, he says he is just, “a simple guy”. He loves his family, his church, and getting up and going to work every day.... Read More...
City Employee Spotlight for June - Angie Shockley
June 13, 2018
It has been said, once recreation gets in your blood, it stays there for life. Just ask PARD’s new Summer Day Camp Director, Angie Shockley. “I chose a career in recreation over teaching and I have never regretted that decision,” said Shockley... Read More...
2018 Post Office Food Drive
May 17, 2018
This year donations were a little off for letter carriers in Jacksonville for the annual food drive. The recent March tornadoes that ripped through northern Jacksonville were most likely to blame. Many residents are still displaced while others have... Read More...
City Employee Spotlight for May - Connie Nation
May 14, 2018
Decorating has been an interest of Constance “Connie” Nation ever since she was a young girl. “Interior design is my passion,” says Nation. The recent EF-3 tornado damaged her home putting those skills in action. “I’ve been redoing thing... Read More...
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