City Employee Spotlight for January - Jacksonville/Piedmont Landfill Crew

January 12, 2018
City Employee Spotlight for January - Jacksonville/Piedmont Landfill Crew

     Sammy Meadows is the landfill manager and has been serving the city for 30 years. Meadows grew up In Alex City, moving to the area in 1966. He started his career in the insurance business and was transferred here. He oversees the daily operations of the landfill ensuring compliance with ADEM regulations. Meadows has seen many changes over the years. “About 18 years ago we went from a solid waste landfill to a C/D & Industrial landfill,” says Meadows. “We took all household garbage and Winn Dixie throw-a- ways. There was a lot of odor and flies back then. It’s not like that now. It’s just mostly construction debris today.” When asked about his years with the city Meadows says, “The city of Jacksonville has been really good to me over the years. I have no complaints. I plan on retiring in 2019 and moving back home to Alex City. I have already bought a place close to my family. I lost my wife, Liz, in February and I want to be able to spend more time with my family.” Meadows has one daughter and a son who has blessed him with three granddaughters and two great-grandsons.” In his spare time, Meadows enjoys hunting and fishing.

     Donald Clark has been at the landfill going on 14 years.  He started his career driving a truck for United Rentals for 10 years, and then decided to come off the road to spend more time with his kids.  He is the heavy equipment operator at the landfill and operates a dozier pushing, packing, and covering up the waste.  He is a 1986 graduate of Alexandria High School.  Clark has a daughter and son.  He has four granddaughters and one on the way.  He enjoys hunting and fishing and following Alexandria High School football.  His oldest granddaughter is in the band there.  “My granddaughters keep me pretty busy,” says Clark.  “Especially the fourteen-year-old.  She stays with me a lot.”  Clark attends Angel Grove Baptist Church.  When asked about his job with the city he echoes Meadows comments stating that they have been very good to him.  “I have seen many changes since I have been here… good changes,” says Clark.

     Supervisor Stanley Carr says, “Sammy and Donald do an excellent job of making sure all the city’s trash is disposed of by ADEM guidelines.  We are lucky to have them on board.”

     The landfill is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the second and fourth Saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.  It is located at 164 Old Piedmont Jacksonville Road and open to all Calhoun County residents and businesses.  They charge $8.00 a cubic yard to dump waste.

     The city of Jacksonville is fortunate to have such a dedicated crew that is committed to making our city and surrounding area a cleaner, better place to live.  Thanks guys for all your hard work. 

Story and Photo by Anita Kilgore