Planning Commission

The Jacksonville Planning Commission is authorized and directed to review all public and private land use, developmental plans, including residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural. The Planning Commission also reviews the plans for the construction of new structures, rehabilitation, remodeling or expansion of existing structures proposed within the city which are classified as major construction as defined in Section 24-2 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Jacksonville, Alabama.


Meetings are held on the Thursday following the Third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the court room at the Public Safety Building, 911 Public Safety Drive, SW.

Anyone with questions in regard to the Planning Commission can contact the City's Planning Department at (256) 782 -3842.



VACANT (term to expire May 2022)

T.L. Thompson (term to expire May 2023)

Heather Watkins (term to expire May 2024)

Jarrod Simmons (term to expire May 2025)

Kelly Ryan (term to expire May 2026)

Adam Allen (term to expire May 2027)

Dawn Wilczek (term to expire May 2028)

Mayor's Proxy-Ronnie Thomas (term to expire at the end of Mayor's term in office)

Administrative Employee-Albertha "Bert" Grant (term to expire at the end of Mayor's term in office)

Council Representative-Coty Galloway (term expires at the end of his term in office)