CDA Business Development Grant Program

Business Development Grant Program

The Commercial Development Authority (CDA) of the City of Jacksonville, Alabama, in its  continuing effort to support the development of commercial business in Jacksonville, has created a Business Development Grant Program for business owners and tenants. The Business Development Grant Program will continue the process of creating an atmosphere conducive to conducting business in Jacksonville while attracting new commercial development. The following outlines the details of Jacksonville’s Business Development Grant Program. Business Development Grants are awarded by the CDA to encourage entrepreneurship, investment, and business success in the City of Jacksonville for new, expanding, and transitioning businesses. Grants are contingent on the availability of funding. Businesses must be located within the City of Jacksonville and meet the eligibility requirements.

To apply for a Business Development Grant:

  • Complete the Business Development Grant Application (required)
  • Provide a 12-month lease or proof of ownership (required)
  • Provide a W9 (required)
  • Provide proof of payments and receipts for eligible expenses equal to the amount of the grant
  • awarded (required)
  • Receive business counseling (recommended)​​​​

How will a Business Development Grant help my business?

The Business Development Grant Program through the CDA is intended to assist businesses in planning for success and to support those efforts with a modest grant. Whether you are a new business, a growing business, or a business during a major change, this grant is to be used to aid in the cost of making your business available to the public.

What is the maximum grant amount?

Businesses that meet the requirements may receive up to a $5,000 grant.


Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • The business must be located within the boundaries of the City of Jacksonville.
  • The business must either own the building or have a signed lease for at least one full year of
  • tenancy.
  • The premise must have a proof of passed Use Inspection.
  • New businesses must apply for this grant within 6 months of the start of their lease agreement and provide a copy of the lease/contract to the CDA.
  • Ongoing business operations are ineligible for this grant program; only startups, expansions, relocations, and ownership transitions are eligible for this incentive.
  • An individual person or business entity may only receive one grant from the CDA (a business development or a façade grant) within a one-year period.
  • At the discretion of the CDA, subleases or contracts for exclusive tenancy may be considered eligible when such agreement is for at least one full year of tenancy and when such agreement is entered into by a business that is both legally distinct from and has proprietors, operators, branding and merchandise that are all different from the primary lease holder, property owner, and any other grant recipients in adjacent or nearby locations. Co-tenants under the same lease or contract are not eligible for a business development grants. A single business entity operating at adjacent or nearby locations may receive only one grant.

How to Apply

Fill out the application form and submit it to the City Clerk in person or via email to cityhallfrontdesk [at] The City Clerk will determine if the application is complete and notify the applicant when the application requirements have been met. The CDA will review the application and may schedule a time for the applicant to come before the CDA to discuss the application. 

Awarding of the Grant

Grants are only approved in writing by the CDA upon review of a formally submitted, complete application. No verbal commitment to funding will be recognized. Verbal or written feedback on a business’s general eligibility or comments on a draft application shall not be construed as approval or disapproval of a grant application. The CDA will issue the grant directly to the business.

Business Consultation

To ensure your business is as successful as possible, the CDA recommends you complete business counseling. Some resources follow.

  • The Small Business Development Center is a program of Jacksonville State University. More information about the center and contact information can be found here,
  • The Calhoun County Area Chamber and Visitors Center is located in Anniston, Alabama. Contact and membership information can be found on their website, (The CDA has partnered with the Chamber to offer a trial membership to Jacksonville businesses. Contact the City Hall at cityhallfrontdesk [at] for more information.)

Follow Up

The CDA may contact you after your completion of this program to set up a time to meet with you to follow up on your business.