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Small Business Grant Programs -- text matches post

Business owners: Did you know that the Commercial Development Authority of the City of Jacksonville offers grants to make improvements to local small businesses? There are currently two grant programs available:

— The Business Development Grant Program provides up to $5,000 to businesses that are new, expanding, relocating or transitioning between owners. Grant money can buy new equipment and help cover costs from moving or establishing businesses. Visit for an application with more information about eligibility and how to apply.

— The Façade Improvement Program helps businesses in the Public Square Overlay District with improvements to buildings in the vicinity of Public Square — anything from adding signage and awnings to restoration work, replacement of missing decorative features and improvements to Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility. The program includes a base award of $2,500, with options to match applicant funding for an additional $2,500, to a maximum grant funding of $5,000. Visit for an application and more information about eligibility and how to apply.

Got questions? Get in touch with city clerk Brenda Long at 256-435-7611 or by email at blong [at]