Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is everyone business!

  • Unfortunately when your property is stolen, you become a victim twice. The first time when the property is taken, and then the second time when you file a claim with your insurance company and your rate go up.
  • Ok, your property wasn’t stolen, you are at Wal-Mart and see someone steal some property off the shelf and then walk out of the store. No one saw the theft except you. You decide not to say anything. Wal-Mart calls this unreported crime “Shrinkage”. Unfortunately you are still a victim because Wal-Mart just raises prices to cover the “Shrinkage”. The retailing giant says that it loses about $3 billion every year from theft. Who do you think pays for that lost? Who is the victim?

So how can you help stop crime. You probable have heard about the fire triangle (heat, fuel, and oxygen). Remove one of the legs on the fire triangle, you eliminate the fire. The same is true with crime. The crime triangle is “Target”, Desire” and “Opportunity”, remove one of the legs, you will stop crime.

Crime prevention is everyone business! If you see something, say something!

There are many simple steps citizens can take to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of a crime. The Jacksonville Police Department and other city groups also offer a number of services to assist residents in crime prevention.

Did you know?

Most burglaries from motor vehicles are valuables left in plain sight in UNLOCKED cars.  Burglars don’t make too much noise by breaking windows anymore, they simply pull on door handles and enter silently.  Here are some quick and very easy tips to help deter these types of burglaries:

  • Clean out the garage storage and park your car in the garage;
  • If you park your car in the driveway, LOCK IT!;
  • Take out all valuables or at least put them under the seat or in the trunk before you get home; and
  • Install/Turn on exterior lighting near the driveway, better yet use motion lights.

Any person with information that would assist in identifying actors of any crime is encouraged to contact the Jacksonville Police Department

This page is being designed in an effort to improve your personal safety in your home, work, school or any other place you go. Crime is all around us each day. From the simple theft of a cell phone, to your car or your home being burglarized. These types of crimes are just property crimes, and property can be replaced.

On the other hand, crime against persons, such as assaults, robberies, rape, and even murder, may and probably leave a lasting scar on your life forever. 90% of these crime can be avoided by using common sense and listening to your gut.

We are hoping this information will assist you in that gut feeling. They say information is power, so empower yourself with information.