Investigations Division


General Duties

As a primary function of the Jacksonville Police Investigative Division, we aim to promptly, effectively and efficiently investigate all criminal offenses which occur within City of Jacksonville and the police jurisdiction. To  identify and apprehend individuals committing those crimes, and then properly/legally charge, collect and present that evidence to a court of law. Investigators are available twenty-four hours a day to support patrol officers and to personally respond to all major crime scenes. Investigators also perform such duties as surveillance of individuals and places, intelligence gathering, undercover operations and other specialized activities. The Investigations Division has the responsibility of handling those criminal investigations which require special expertise, or which because of their complexity or geographical considerations do not lend themselves readily to completion by Patrol Officers.

Jacksonville Police Department officers and staff all works closely with the federal law enforcement agencies like FBI, state agencies like the Alabama Law Enforcement Agencies – SBI, county agencies like the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department and other city municipal agencies in an effort to solve crime and foster good working relationships with all our sister agencies. To accomplish this task, investigators’ must maintain a network with other agencies to share information, intelligence and resources.

Much of the information we share is developed from tips from citizens like you. If you have witnessed a crime, or would like to report suspicious or criminal activity in your neighborhood you can call the Jacksonville Police Department twenty four hours a day, or email that information to the investigators with as much detailed information as you have. You may choose not to give your name and telephone number or you may request that your name and telephone number remain confidential. Please note that all information will be held confidential in all manners unless ordered by the court. Please keep in mind that we may not be as successful handling an incident if we can not contact you to get additional information.

The support and assistance of the public can be invaluable to police in preventing and solving crimes. If you have information about criminal activity or a case under investigation, the Jacksonville Police Department would very much like to hear from you. You do not have to give your name or otherwise identify yourself if you do not want to do so.


Investigations Sergeant
Investigations Clerk